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How To Manifest Your Dream Life!

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

We all want to live our dream life where everything that we desire is real. it could be a dream job, travelling to the Bahamas, getting married or something small like getting a free cup of coffee. everything is possible.

All you have to do is to trust the universe and just see the magic happen. It is really simple and fun.

So, today I'll be sharing my favourite manifestation techniques with y'all.

1. Scripting Your Life

This manifestation technique is one of the easiest and the most fun to do. All you need is a notebook/journal and a pen. In this method you are writing down your future, you are your own creator, write down everything that you always wanted to manifest.

But, remember it should always be in the present tense. Feel grateful and add details to it. The best time to do this activity is in the morning or at night when your mind is completely relaxed.

Start by writing down ten things you wanna manifest in a month, set your intentions and release them.

To make this more like a ritual, you can also light up some scented candles, play some relaxing music. And, you will soon notice everything will come to fruition very soon.

2 Cup Method

So, this manifestation technique is quite famous now, you are simply changing the state of your reality, some people even call this, dimensional jumping. In this method, you have to take two glasses, two paper slip or sticky notes, and on each of the notes write down your current and desired reality.

Forex: on your current reality you can write, broke, single and no job and on your desired reality you can write happy, committed and a high paying job. Then, stick the notes on each of the glasses and pour water into your current reality( glass ).

Take time to meditate and focus on your desire, after this you can pour water in your desired reality( glass ). And, it is done

Now, you have successfully shifted your reality.


This method is done by all of us, but we never really notice, all the things which are happening in our lives is the result of your thoughts and imagination, either good or bad. As it is said, "What you imagine you create."

It could be the situations, events, people in your life. But, what if we make this unintentional habit our manifestation technique? Neville Goddard said, "Imagination is like seeing with the eye of God."

In this technique, you simply have to lay down and relax, do this when you are about to fall asleep, and when you are in a drowsy state, imagine your desired reality, in the first person, see it, touch it, feel it. Loop the scene as many times until it feels real to you and you have no doubts left.

Do this every single night and fall back to sleep with the feeling of the wish fulfilled. let the universe do the work, believe and in no time you will see that your desires are coming into existence.

17 Second Rule

According to Abraham Hicks, pure thought is the ignition point of manifestation. This technique is my personal favourite. For 17 seconds you have to imagine your desired reality as it has already happened, its same as visualization.

If you hold a thought without distraction for 17 seconds you set in motion for that manifestation. The purpose of this method is to purely hold a thought for 17 seconds to have that manifestation desire become stronger and stronger until you reach 68 seconds.

Each fourth of that 68 seconds gets stronger than the last. As we know that we always get what we think about, whether you want it or not, so, why not just change our negative thinking pattern to positive thoughts to attract prosperity and abundance in our lives.

And, lastly, you have to drop your intention like a seed, detach it and let go of it, you have given your order to the universe and let it come to you in its most natural time, don't obsess over it because your desire is already yours.

"I am a wonderful being. There is nothing that i can't achieve. Everything always works out magnificently for me. I live a charmed life. Things are supposed to, and always do, go well for me. Seas part for me. I have the resources of the universe at my disposal. Good things come to me."


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